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Started this grow journal several weeks back so I need to get caught up with my posts.
I am running a (only registered users can se the link, login or register) against MH 400’s

Hopefully pictures to follow:

25 days from germination
THE G8 600 GARDEN PLANTS HAVE 7-9 SETS OF TRU LEAVES & DEFINITELY HAVE SHORTER INTERNODE SPACES the leaf structure on the led plants are also bigger
The mh400 garden plants have 5-6 sets of tru leaves &their internodes are definitely longer. Both gardens look happy & healthy …. because the species & varieties that I grow tend to naturally stretch & are quite tall I consider shorter internode space a big advantage

None of the plants in either garden is showing pre sex yet
Additional lighting info…. I started the g8 600 lite height @48 inches (didn’t want to shock the seedlings that had just been transplanted & had been under fluorescents& lowered it by 1-2 inches / day… it is now @ 34 inches . I plan on lowering it once more to 30- 32". what is your best advice on height for the g8 600 ? I would like to lower it even more ( ??? 24 inches??? ) to maximize lite @ the plant, but I have been told not to lower it below 30 inches from the canopy due to its negative effects on plant growth. Intuitively I would think that as long as it is not so low as to burn the leaf (this would not be a problem w. the g8 600 leds )that lower is better& the plants would get more lite energy. I typically keep the mh at ~ 18-24 w. Fans blowing directly on the lite to dissipate heat & prevent leaf burn.

So far even if the g8600 garden did not show better leaf growth & shorter internodes (which it does!! ) the g8 600 is superior to the mh because of the heat factor.

Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)

  • G8LED 600 Watt flower Journal

  • "G8LED 600 Watt flower Journal"


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