1200w HPS SCROG soil NL and Strawberry Skunk K.I.S.S grow


Hello guys and girls,

Just signed up and wanted to post my grow journal.

This will be my 3rd grow, my first using HPS and I am a noob but learn fast.

The aim of this journal will be to show that growing weed is actually quite simple, I wont be doing anything overly fancy and just sticking to K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid!)

On my first grow I used bag seeds, got 2 plants out of it. One male and one female. I didnt chop the male fast enough and he ended up fertilizing the female. I grew under a 125w CFL and a couple 20w CFLs and got a dry yield of 55g inc seeds.

I took a few clones and 2 rooted and are currently in slightly different stages of flower. One is probably a week away from flower whilst the other has only been flowering for a couple of weeks. The flowering was done under 2 125w CFL but 2 weeks ago I swapped that for a 600w HPS. The younger of the 2 clones has grown so much faster than the other will yield way more I predict!

Ok – back to this grow.

My set up is:

600w HPS in air-cooled reflector (yes I am using it to veg – K.I.S.S remember)
8 x 4 Gallon Smart Pots
bog standard grow in a bag soil bought from your local hardware store (K.I.S.S)
bog standard flowering plant fertilizer and a slightly less strong bonsai tree fertilizer (K.I.S.S)
4 x Strawberry Skunk. This is a new strain and I cannot wait to taste it as I think Strawberry makes everything taste better!
4 x Northern Lights
They are grown from seeds.

Once my flowering cycle is done and I start flowering these bad boys I will take the 600w HPS and add it to the other to give me my 1200w of sun power!

The aim is to pull 20 zip from this 1200w/8 plant SCROG set up but would be happy with 16.

Thanks for taking a look and thanks for all the information everyone has provided as I have been lurking for nearly a year!
Happy Christmas 🙂
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  • 600w scrog jaurnal

  • 600w scrog jaurnal


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