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New to this forum but I have used quick fix many times many times and it has worked every time. You would think after passing so many times it would be a breeze but of course there is always that worry that comes with having to substitute. I actually quit but I won’t be clean in time for the test. I know DOT tests have a lot of procedures or guidelines that they have to follow which could be good or bad however you look at it I suppose. My main concern with quick fix has always been the color. It seems as if lately the color has gotten a little bit more normal looking but I still feel like it could be better.

So I guess my question is this .. can you actually fail or be flagged for color? If you read the DOT guidelines on what the collectors must do when they receive the sample, checking for abnormal color is definitely on the list but I don’t know what the threshold if for "abnormal". I mean I know people try some crazy things so does it have to be really off color to be flagged? I know if I pee in a cup and pour quick fix in a cup and compare the two, the real urine is definitely a little darker — even when I’m diluted with water. If I recall correctly they could make you retest under observation if they suspected something was tampered with or the color being off etc.. and obviously I wouldn’t pass under direct observation..

Anyways, thanks for any help that anyone may be able to offer
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