First Pre-Employment Drug Test! Help plz!


Hi all! So I am going to have a drug test soon, sometime next week possibly. It is for my first job and all that is left to do is the background check and drug testing. I believe the test will be a urine test.

The last time I smoked was Friday (1/31/14). On Saturday (2/1/14) I was around people who were smoking, but did not smoke. I’m not a heavy smoker ( I go through phases). I consistently smoked about 3-4 times a week for 2 weeks, before stopping on Friday (1/31/14). I need some remedies on how to flush the metabolites out of my system! I’ve heard about cranberry pills, niacin, and etc. On Monday (2/3/14) I started to drink a lot of water, I had practice so I sweated a lot and I had some lemon water. Today (2/4/14) I’ve had 8 bottles of water, 1 detox tea, and 1 gatorade along with 1 cranberry pill. I also have ran sprints uphill and a mile uphill at the gym today wearing a hoodie to produce a lot of sweat.

If anyone can give me a good method to use I would greatly appreciate it! I don’t know exactly what to do.

I am 5’1, 116lbs. I’m very active and fit, I play lacrosse and go to the gym frequently and have a fast metabolism. also my fat % is on the lower side.
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