Heavyweight Fast & Vast Autoflower CFL Grow


I started this back on 1/14. Started with a seed direct into a Rapid Rooter.

Strain: Heavyweight Fast & Vast Autoflower Feminized, Indica 80%, Sativa 20%

Indoor grow in a closet, with 1200 watt equivalent CFL home made hood, mixed 6500K daylight with 2700K soft white, half & half.

Temps 70 -80 degrees, usually the higher end in the daytime, humidity between 30 – 40% with a pan of water in the closet. Small fan at this point but getting a bigger one soon.

OK heres my question, does this plant look like its growing well to you? This is my first ever plant to grow and I’ve been reading here so much, and theres so much to learn and read, I hope I’m doing well. At first the plant grew really slow, then one day it just took off like a rocket, and now everyday it seems to just grow more when I look at it. It’s sucking up water like mad. Seems like it does good when I leave the closet door open about 6 or more inches, so most the day I just leave it wide open to get all the air it wants and I love the smell too LOL

It seems to be blooming now. Should I go ahead and start putting some nutes on for blooming? Or just keep with the regular for now? I want it to get taller, its about 14 inches tall now, but I’d like to get it twice that, so I moved the light up just a bit to make it stretch just a tad.

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