Street Dweller’s HPS Grows – Different Strains + Breeding


Alright I have another journal going with 6 auto flowers, and have been updating through there, but now I’ve decided since these are different techniques and a different type of plant altogether that I would start a new thread. In a month or so when I harvest my Autoflowers I will be dropping even more seeds, as well as doing some cloning, but for now this is what we have going on:

Plants/Date Sprouted:
1x Barney’s Farm Tangerine Dream – 2/01/2014
1x Green House Seeds Super Lemon Haze = 2/01/2014
1x Dinafem White Widow – 2/02/2014
4x Headband – 2/27/2014 (Not yet sprouted)

Soil: My mixture is – 2x Fox Farms Ocean Forest to 1x Fox Farms Light Warrior

Pot: 5 Gallon Square Pots

Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Series, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Lights: 600 Watt HPS, adding another 600 watt HPS

Grow Tent: 36" x 36", adding a 50" x 50"

Fan: 2x 240 CFM 6" Ventech fans, 1x Ventech Carbon Filter

My basic short term goal is to find a strong male in my four Headband seeds, store his pollen and apply it to a single bud on my tangerine dream, starting a line of strains I’d like to attempt working with. For example I would call this first breed "Michaelangelo", because I think tangerine = orange = orange headband, and anybody that watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid knows Michaelangelo, and he wore a orange headband, I’ll be looking to generate a "shell shocked" high.
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