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Whats up everybody! iMAXD here, and I’m excited to hear from some of you for some advice and tips. As it says in the title, I am growing the auto flower strain Fast & Vast, 9 to be exact. I would like to post on this thread day to day, or every other day. I wouldn’t say I am a complete rook at growing, I have experiment with two prior grows but in very poor conditions and little time to spend with the plants. These were kind of test grows to get a little experience with a plant actually growing. Needless to say the plants didnt last too long.

Anyways, enough of the past. I am growing in a 2x3x2 stealth grow box. I have 9 Fast & Vast autoflower’s and I just finished germinating last night and put them into their cubes this morning. This is a hydroponics grow system, non recirculating. I plan on using 18/6 light and going to 20/4 later towards flowering. Everything is going well so far. I guess I consider today day 1 of my grow so I will be posting pretty frequently from here on. please dont hesitate to offer your opinion, info, tips, or even just ask questions about anything. I am looking for any advice there is out there to have the most successful grow and limit the plant stress. I am pouring a 1 cup of water over the spongey cubes the seeds are in once every night right before the lights shut off for their 6 hrs. The water is ph balanced at about 6.0ph. no nutrient solutions obviously. temperature is 90 degrees with the lights on, humidity 16%. Thats about all I can think of information wise to post for now! Please post with any questions or comments and I will answer them within a day!

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