LST’d Kerala Krush indoor/outdoor grow


My Son gave me some free Kerala Krush seeds from Herbies,so after 40 years off I decided to try growing again.
Didn’t have much room so I made a ghetto 22"x22"x24"high CFL grow box(x7 /100w equivalent Daylight and Warm White bulbs),and started LST from day 2 after germination-seems to have worked OK,kept her short with ample buddage.
She lives in the box on cloudy days,and outside on sunny days(the switch doesn’t bother her a bit).
Never topped,fimmed ,supercropped or defoliated,just let her "do her thing"with the help of a little low stress training….

Here she is @ 1 month:

2-1/2 months/2 weeks since 12/12

3-1/2 months

Current pic,4-1/2 months,9 inches tall(shoulda used a taller box!)The bud on the right would be the main cola if she were vertical….

I figure a month to go,for a total of 22 weeks-patience is definitely required for this strain(85% Sativa/15% Indica)

I’ve got about 3" of grow height left in the box,so it should work out fine-she’s actually growing fatter instead of taller anyway.
The same son also gave me some feminized Blue Mystic and LSD seeds,they’re for my outdoor grow,which should commence in about a month(about the time the Kerala is "ripe")They will also be LST’d,since it really boosts the bud count,and keeps them as short as you want them to be.
So that’s my story so far-I’m pretty much a noob right now,but that will change with time….

Thanks everyone for all the good info on this Forum-answered a lot of questions for me!
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