400w HPS Cylindrical V-Scrog


just got my v-scrog going, decided to throw the moms in it instead of the clones, and ill take two of the clones and make new moms out of them.

unknown indica dominant

sour diesel

the indica is a female, the sour deisel i dont know know yet, i havent sexed it. so this will go one of two ways, or possibly three…either sour diesel is a female and i get an all sensi crop, or sour is a male and then i just let it pollinate to get seeds and grow those, or the third possibility of a hermie, or intersexed plant.It is very likely that i could get a hermie with a sour diesel strain because of the genetics, but ill keep hope that its a straight female
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  • 150w hps scrog grow

  • Bog, Scrog et v-scrog
  • 150w hps scrog grow


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