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Hi guys!
This is my first grow journal so please excuse me if I struggle with anything or get anything wrong.

I have been growing for about 6 months now and have two grows under my belt, both which have been from cuttings however my next grow is being done from seed which is why I decided to start a journal.

My very first grow yielded 14 ounces but my 2nd grow only yielded 7 ounces which I have put down to cutting the girls down early after 6 weeks of flower time. I did not keep a diary of my first grow so could not remember how long I had the 12/12 flowering cycle going and think i got a bit eager to chop down my second grow. Either that or i’ve struggled with the heat (freak english heatwave in May and some dodgy extractor tubing which keeps splitting).

Anyway down to business,
Im growing 4 plants in a metre by metre grow tent with a 600W hps light,1 extractor fan,1 intake fan,1 freestanding fan and two tube heaters (for the colder months) im using sensi-grow and sensi-bloom at the moment but my hydroponics man has promised me some extra nutes to use in the flower stage to boost my yield.
I bought some seeds from Herbies and as soon as they arrived gave them 24 hours in some tap water
after an hour 4 seeds had sunk but one remained to float which only sank after i eventually pushed it down after about 15 hours of soaking. I then used 5 jiffy pellets which i had soaked for 5 minutes to plant the seeds (my jiffy pellets seemed to retain too much water so i gave a little squeeze just to clear excess water)
Four days later and I have these!!

as im only going to be growing four plants, I may have already found the bad plant to get rid of but i will keep an eye on it to see if it sprouts. As soon as the roots show then i will be planting them into their first small pots to start their grow!!

If anyone has any advice or tips I’ll be truly grateful as i could use all the help i can get at the moment. I know that growing is a delicate process and the slightest change in circumstance can have a massive effect on the plants so all help will be massively appreciated!

Many thanks guys and I hope this grow will be successful and maybe help some other newbies.

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