auto Jock Horror grow….sayin’ hello


I’ve been out of the grow biz for many years, but these new auto strains are too good to believe! Done a couple grows with nirvana’s auto Jock Horror….dig it, I germed them, stuck them in potting soil under 4x100w cfl’s. running 24/0 in a closet……I net out 1.8 oz. every 9-10 weeks! Good taste and buzz. I figure it costs me about 50-75$ per grow…hard to beat.

This is too easy! No fancy rig, no special nutes, no dickin’ around with lights and co2….I do nothing but water and pay the light bill! (They don’t call this stuff *weed* for nothing) and I give all credit to the genius’ who develop these strains. You don’t need fancy gear…spend your $ on good genetics from a reliable seed bank, you can’t miss.

I’ll post pix when I get it figured out.
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  • auto jock horror grow report

  • Auto Jock Horror Grow Report


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