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Hello my friends! i have finally found how to post on here after some difficulty signing up here i am, so heres the scoop, now we have all heard not to grow bagseed being bad genetics slow growth, rouge plants, but the facts are that all pollinated plants produce seeds, and given love they will reward you with superb buds, the reason the bud the seed(s) came from are not as potent because the plant put all energy into seed production after pollination, so anyway i have a few hundred seeds that came from good bags. i germed 10 at the end of april, i was smoking a bowl behind my house and found a small cannabis plant that grew after i threw a seed unknown to me, i moved it indoors with the other 10 plants under my 150w cfl for 4-5 weeks, murphys law is in full effect in all grow rooms, esp. mine. lol i have them growing in 20 gallon storage totes. 2-4 plants in each, a few weeks ago we had a decent storm, (east coast mass.) and i had a nightmare that one of the totes got flooded by the rain and sure as shit when i went out to check on them one of the totes was full of rain water, i transplanted the 4 plants directly in the ground and applied a plant re-vitalizer i got a free sample of called hb-101 it is the latest and greatest in japan. the price was right so why not, all of my nutrients i got for free by emailing companies for samples, im using microbe life hydroponics, natural and organic blend, and i will deff. be buying some next season, the foliar spray and root dip is a gift from god! the roots quickly outgrow theyre containers. even now i had to remove the bottoms of the totes and allow them to grow into the soil. 1 of the plants didnt make it =/ but its ok. i had 2 pieces of glass above them, to protect from rain after the flood. and one day i decapitated my largest, strongest plant, that i called super man from day 1 it towered over they others and it think as a mans thumb from an early age, however the accident worked in my favor and now i have topped it unintentionally and the 2 new tops are magnificent , i just wished i couldve save the top, but w/e…. i have seemed to have misplaced my magnifying glass =/ so i need to pick up a new one more to come so stay tuned….
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