MARS II 700 LED grow test.

Ive gotten mixed reviews on the Mars II lights. So I just purchased a Mars II 700 watt (140×5) for my 3x3x8 tent. I am expecting a delivery date of 11/20. I am going to document this and see for myself. Ive read all the specs which are too technical without referencing a ton of stuff. I know nothing about light frequency etc. SO it will not have technical info. I will copy and paste the stats regarding technical stuff and wont be addressing it. I will just be testing it in regards to does it work well enough to justify its cost. I got this one for $ 240.00.

Spectrum: Infrared (IR) 730nm, Red ( 650-660nm / 620nm-630nm ), Blue ( 450-475nm / 430-440nm ) and White.
LED quantity: 140PCS*5W LEDs
Dimensions: 390mmx380mmx90mm
Life span: 50000-100000hours
Real power consumption: 110V: 334W+-5% / 220V: 326W+-5%
View angle of LEDs: 90 / 120°mixed
Worldwide Voltage: AC85V-265V
Working temperature: -20 to 40℃
Coverage area: 3.5feet * 3.5feet
Working frequency: 50~60 HZ
Lumen: 18900
G.W.: 6.9Kg
4 Gran Daddy purps in soil scrogged.

Updates soon to come

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