SUBBED using donor sample Temp Question

So I had a big Non-DOT PE drug test today. I used the bottle from QF Plus that I opted not to use to store the donor sample. Almost 3.5oz fit in there btw. I tested the donor sample first thing with the @Home test and it passed. Using the hand-warmer method I gooched the bottle and hand-warmer. Did a temp check before entering the office, btw I knew it was an ECup test, and I was hovering at about 95 degrees. I knew it was low but I saw no other cars at this tiny office and figured I’d just be in and out quick. Walked inside and it was FREEZING like legit 60degrees, I am in FL btw. Poured out the sample once in the unsupervised urinal and did some of my own business in the bowl for effect. I poured about half of the donor sample and the temp on the side was ready approx 94. I gave her to specimen and she had me sign a paper and said the results take around 15 minutes and said goodbye. I didn’t want to seem suspicious and wait around especially since I didn’t know if she could even tell me first.

My question is, I know I have read that 90-100 is acceptable, but I haven’t found a firm answer as to weather they would tell me upon receiving and loading the sample into the machine if it was acceptable or not. I have read in some places that people say they demand a supervised retest immediately (without leaving the premises) if they suspect something. She definitely told me I could leave and already had the sample in the machine. Now I am sitting here trying not to stress because she said 15 minutes and it’s been hours. I know they send that info to the employer first one way or the other and that this particular employer’s HR department is not the fastest moving machine in the world (2 months of interviews).

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