Aquamist Aero Grow Take 2

Hey everyone, its been a while since I posted on 420, but I am back to show you my growth and get your input on things that I can do better. I will be using my Aquamist Aeroponic system. I have added 2 LED’s with my trusty 400W HPS and I have moved to the basement instead of a tent. Another change that I have made is that I grow at night so that I can monitor my plants while I am home. I live in Michigan so it keeps the plants warm when the temp drops at night. (See I’m learning…lol:high-five:)

For this grow I will be growing some Royal Queen Seeds Critical. I am growing other strains but this is what I will be focusing on. Here are some pics of my trusty cloner, the clones, and my little incubator closet.

Bear with me while I get used to using 420 again. Anyway, I hope you like what you see so far and watch/subscribe to the journal. Oh, the plants in the back are Purple Headband and this nice Cataract Kush x OG by Clone Wars. I might show you some pics of those ladies later.

Thanks everyone,


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