pre-flowering too early?

Hey guys! I just wanted to say, incase anyone read my last posting, my Northern Lights didn’t make it. The wind broke her neck and she was a goner. 🙁
Anywho, I have two plants left, an Auto-Purple, and a Florida Gold. They’re both about 5 weeks above soil, so about 5 weeks 4 days from seeds. Both are female, says the site we bought them from. they each have 8 sets of leaves including the first set of leaves after the embyo leaves. Now my question is are they in the pre-flowering stage too early? And where do I go from here? They’re on a 18/6 light schedule as of right now, they’re organically grown, and only get natural light except for about an hour or two they go under a lamp if it’s too dark outside. Also we are working on transplanting them out of these pots asap. They were both knocked over and uprooted at one point, and we thought they were goners…they came back stronger though.

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