Power Plant (PP) in the grow cupboard!

Jul 19

This time around our article will be taking a Look at Power Plant. 'PP' as it is also regularly referred to is an amazingly potent variety, one that in addition to producing great harvests also creates a bud that is of exceptionally good quality. PP is a variety that makes an incredible amount of THC crystals, thanks to which when you come to smoke some it offers a guaranteed super trip! Whereas most marihuana varieties have a THC level of between 7 and 12%, the Power Plant usually weighs in far above this. With an average THC level of around 15%, Power Plant is easily classified as a very THC-rich plant. Certainly if you take into account the relatively short bloom period of around eight weeks. The majority of marihuana varieties with a high THC level tend to bloom for a good four weeks longer than this. Bare in mind too that this 15% THC level is only the average for the variety; there are plenty of cases where this is much higher! A little while back, during the Highlife Help Fair of 2004, a THC value of a dried bud of Power Plant was measured that weighed in at a massive 23%! During the event visitors were offered the opportunity to have their weed tested for, among other things, the THC level. The results were quite clear: with an exceptionally high score of around 23% THC, the Power Plant was the winner! Also according to the (Amsterdam-based drugs research organisation) Trimbos Institute, a variety like Power Plant certainly deserves the title 'high THC level'. In short, there is no doubt at all that there is indeed plenty of power in a Power Plant! Power Plant 02Power Plant That Power Plant grown can produce amazingly fat buds under artificial light with a very high THC level is now clear. What is still unclear though is which mother plants were at the root of this potent hybrid; to this day it remains a great mystery. Although PP has been popular only in the last few years, this lovely hybrid variety has actually been an the market for a lot longer. According to insiders, it was first developed somewhere around 1997. The precise genetic ingredients that went into making the hybrid have to this day remained relatively secret. What is almost certain is that several African marihuana varieties form the Base of its success, but the recipe of the exact composition is actually only known among a few serious seed companies. Thanks to its rising popularity, getting hold of some PP (in the Netherlands at least) is pretty straightforward. Which is not so strange, since marihuana varieties with a high level of THC and yet which still bloom nice and early are as interesting to the commercial grower as to the hobbyist. This all makes the acquisition of some Power Plant reasonably easy. Both from clone producers and in the form of seeds, the plants are available pretty much everywhere. What's more, the glory of Power Plant is not only appreciated in the Netherlands. PP is grown extensively abroad these days, especially in Spain and England. This has resulted in great successes with Power Plant across Europe, from north to south! PP Outdoors What many growers do not appreciate is that the relatively short bloom period of Power Plant makes it very suitable to being grown outdoors. Indeed, PP has gladdened the heart of many an outdoor grower with its big harvests! Sadly, the Power Plant narre is often confused with that of Purple Power, since both varieties tend to be known by the abbreviated 'PP' term. Purple Power is actually a very different variety of marihuana, one which produces what are very clearly different flower heads (often of a purple hue) than Power Plant. When growing a Power Plant outdoors, in contrast to a Purple Power, it is advisable to build a hood (preferably of see-through plastic) to cover it up. The often very large flower heads of Power Plant make this hybrid somewhat more sensitive to moulds. A greenhouse also makes a good option to create conditions tailored to how these ladies like them. Raising a Power Plant in the open air without any protection from the rain is a bit of a risky gamble. Power Plant often needs to be left until midOctober (sometimes even longer) in order to be able to complete her blooming. So despite the fact that the plants need to be left relatively Tate before they are ready for harvest outdoors, once a plant like this has gone into bloom it is quite quickly ripe. This is down to the fact that PP is capable of blooming like crazy in a short space of time. So when the autumn weather gods are with us and the sun Shows its face a lot, then outdoor growers are sitting pretty. Certainly this was the case in 2005, which according to the Dutch weather forecasting institute was one of the warmest years the country had euer experienced, when the warm end of season was ideal for achieving golden harvests with PP! PP Indoors hanfsamen kaufen Power Plant 01Sadly, the outdoor circumstances at the moment are not exactly the best for growing marihuana in. For a start, it's the middle of winter (!), and so we have chosen an even better Spot for growing our PP: a self-built grow cupboard with a large light wattage, which we hope will form the basis of a successful grow. Furthermore, we are raising the plants in relatively large pots, because PP demands a fair bit of space. Thanks to the fact that PP for the most part has Sativa-esque characteristics, we can predict a very exuberant growth. In order to make this possible, we do not put more than a single plant in any one pot and a maximum of four pots in the grow cupboard. As it happens, the variety can develop at a rapid pace, but then as growers we do need to oller her the required room. Also make sure that the ladies have enough headroom to develop vertically too, which in our case means giving them a sufficiently high grow cupboard. During the growth period you will notice that the plants develop explosively. Within the shortest period of time they can double several times in size. That the plant can demand a considerable amount of nutrients and stimulators for this energy spurt should be obvious. What's funny is that the literal meaning of 'Power Plant' is power station or energy supplier, which goes some way to explaining the very rapid and explosive growth! This explosive growth in a PP makes it possible to give the plants a relatively short pre-growth. Since we have already stated our preference for four large bushes rather than several smaller plants, we will make use of a growth period of about two weeks. This will give the ladies more than enough time to develop a good root system and a sturdy stem and side branches. Bloom Period In contrast to other very potent and THC-rich marihuana varieties, a Power Plant bloom is comparatively short. PP often begins its bloom quite quickly too. Already after just the first week of bloom (being put an a light cycle of 12 hours), the plants begin to Show the first signs of bud development. This is probably the reason why the ladies produce such a high concentration of THC, since with other marihuana varieties it can easily take a week or more Tonger before the flower heads become visible. Whether this variety really is as potent as its reputation suggests we will find out in the next issue. The bloom period of this very interesting hybrid variety will then be looked at more closely.

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