Question about Seed Bank(s)


About a Month ago, I was given a Seed Bank site, From a friend.
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. com

After, Placing my Order and waiting a good month for my order. I started Checking out forum posts about Seed Banks.
After Looking around and seeing what some ppl had to say. I found 2 other seed banks, That seems worth checking out.
Cannabis Bud Beans & Attitude seed bank.

more than 95% of what I read about Amsterdam seeds . com, Tells me this seed Bank is a Rip off?? T/F??
Ppl are claiming there Seeds IF they even come, Are Steril.????????

I would Love to Order and really Recive my souvenir :Hookah: Seeds Of the White Widow and Lemon Ice strains.

Is there any one who can comment on the Above 3 seed banks, Or Pass the Info of a reliable Seed Bank my way.
Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)

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