Have my plants hermied?


My first grow so I have no first hand experience recognizing male pollen sacs but comparing what I’m seeing to pix on this site, I’m afraid I’ve got some hermies. I have 3 fast and vast fem autos that are advertised to finish in as little as 63 days (probably overly optimistic). These pix were as of day 61. The plants have a lot of trichomes covering even fan leaves & stems. Many of the pistils are turning amber but looking through my jewelers loupe I see nothing but clear trichomes so I think I’ve got a while till harvest yet. The pollen sacs are sparse but appear randomly on all 3 plants. I removed a couple & disected them & found nothing inside. I think I’ve discovered an occasional seed pod in some of the buds. Is this possible prior to pollen being formed or am I just imagining it? I think the pollen sacs are recently formed due to my caretaker not observing the dark period during my absence for the past 4 weeks.

Question #1: can someone confirm my hermie conclusion?

Question #2: if I’m correct, what should I do? I know some would pluck & toss them but I haven’t taken a toke since 1981 & I’m gonna smoke some of this $ hit even if it starts sprouting dog turds!! Is it possible that they will form seeds at this late stage? If so, should I allow them to seed or should castrate them?

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