Please Help Guys!!!!!!!!! have some pretty specific questions


Hello all, i first want to say thankyou to anyone who responds and helps me out with these problems. Ok so i have used quick fix 5.7 before and PASSED :thumbsup:, a year ago exactly at this time. So i know it works i just have 5 questions.

1. I am mainly concerned about getting a fake or bs batch. I have discovered 3 seperate websites that claim to sell quick fix. I dont believe i can post links here so i will just type the basic address’s – –

All have around the same names and sell the same products. Which one should i purchase from or trust the most???

2. Should i buy quick fix plus 5.7, I used the regular 2oz last time and passed but some backup might be nice, my main concern is will it take longer to heat or be harder to maintain body temp????

3.Any new things about the quick fix product since 2010/2009???

4. I am testing most likely at lapcorp again in North Carolina. Any new worries?????

5. Any user tips or anything to help me out is much appreciated.

Thanks guys i hope you can help me out
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