How do my Plants grow faster?

Hey Guys !

This is a Beginner question i guess .. I got a little tent 4 Plants in it – Og Kush , Critical Kush and Critical 2times…
Im Growing under a Marshydro 95×5 ,on Plagron soil …They are in Bloom stage now … 2nd week ..

But my Critical Kush is Like 50cm … Og Kush and 1 critcal 40cm … and 1 Critical only 25 cm … They were same size when i sent them to flower …

Now my question is how do i make them grow faster ? Should i get them as high as the Critical kush so like in 30 cm distance to the lamp .. or should i leave the small plants on the ground so they grow to the light more quick ?

Thanks in Advance ! Sorry for my bad English ! Greetings :))

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