my new germation method


A friend gave me a seed he found in some Hindu, I have my doubts if he gave me the right seed but thats another story LOL anyway I took an old (sat out- side all winter) seed plug like jiffy or something, it had been used, but whatever it was never did made, some kind of flower or veggie, any hoot I watered it down and then put the seed in, I tried keeping it in the room where the light is it, but in a darker area, but the humidity is so low it dried out overnight, so while I was wetting it, I happened to glance at the fridge, mine has Cabinets that come out over it and this fits under it perfect, there is just enough space left at the top for a bean to pop up. I put the seed plug into a jar lid with just a little water in it, and slid it back under the cabinet on top the fridge, Sunday night, Monday I added just a touch of water to the lid, Tues had popped! I thank I like! I’m sure its the heat on top of fridge and the dark combo, works like a charm! and I get a little extra use outta of that Fridge, with no need for a heating blanket! this would also work with the cups with the little plastic domes for germinating too I bet….Peace
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