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Hey All, cant what! Hate to brag but things here starting out good. For total out door grow here in Florida. We are getting rain in dry time and up to 88* to 90* for March 1st. (sorry cold people )There going in ground 3/4 wks. sooner so should have some juicey ones come Sept. This happened 4 years ago and the quiality with the Whole extra month of veg at lower sun quaility compared to May. It use`s this month to build roots instead!! Some yield in girth of buds, BUT TASTE!!! BONUS So it`s is pulling juice in volume when suns plane is over head come May. Also any one heard of site: weedpals It`s FaceBook for pot smoker`s. Exactly!! How long this has been there I dont know. So dont laught if it has been around for 5 years. I smoke ALOT!!! The good shit is curing so who knows what would of happened if I hit that and got on site. Send Great Grandma Plant of month pic thincking I was some where else! Get time check out MORE FREE INFO TO GROW BETTER POT!!! PASSES THIS STUFF AROUND!!!
:peace: :thankyou:
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